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The team here are pleased to help serve members of the community and we look forward to welcoming you to the Centre. 


Meet the team....



Massage Therapist

Annette is our massage therapist and she lives in Ashford with her husband and little girl. 

Annette is passionate about delivering an excellent service & ensuring that each client leaves feeling relaxed and looked after. She works closely together with our other practitioners to assist with the process of healing. Annette trained at South Kent College in Folkestone and has a diploma in Holistic Therapies & Anatomy and Physiology.

Before Annette became a Therapist she worked as an Administrator in a company that supplied essential oils and also helped in lymph drainage equipment. Through working for this company, Annette recognised that she could play a part in helping people with health complaints. Now Annette has a strong passion for helping to ease people's pain and sense of wellbeing through Massage Therapy and the use of essential oils. 


Doctor of Chiropractic Bsc. (Hons)


Simon is the Senior Ashford Chiropractor & joint owner of The Ashford Back & Wellness Centre. He is married to his wife Rachel and they live in Ashford.

Simon graduated from the University of Glamorgan in 2007 with an honours degree.  He has gained numerous awards, including ‘Excellence in Radiology’ from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic.

He also received an award for the ‘Best Adjusting Skills and ‘Best Chiropractic Clinician’ from his peers upon graduating. He still spends well over 30 hours a year attending conferences to continue to learn & provide the best possible care for his patients.

From a young age Simon experienced the benefits of regular adjustments, eliminating what was considered ‘normal’ headaches. Simon began to see that Chiropractic was not just about relieving pain and discomfort, but about keeping the spine free of interference so that the body was able to do its own marvellous work of self-healing, thereby producing vitality and a state of well-being. As a result he enjoys adjusting children of all ages, after realising the importance of Chiropractic care at an early age.

At university he developed an interest in nutrition and its importance in health, radically changing his own diet in the process.

Simon enjoys a very active lifestyle, he has played hockey at a regional level and has travelled around the world, from climbing mountains in the Alps to trekking in the Amazonia basin. He is a keen photographer and currently is getting his hands dirty by growing his own vegetables on his allotment! Simon and Rachel are both actively involved in their local church.

Simon is registered with the General Chiropractic Council. He is a member of the United Chiropractic Association.




Owner/Chiropractic Assistant (CA)

Rachel is joint owner with Simon & you'll occasionally see her on reception as well! Apart from this she does her best to keep the clinic running as smoothly as possible, often working behind the scenes. However you should see her around the Centre on most days.

Rachel and Simon have been married for 4 years. Since meeting Simon, Rachel has learnt the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Rachel has seen the benefits of receiving regular chiropractic care herself. Where headaches used to be a frequent occurence in her life, regular chiropractic adjustments alongside a healthy balanced lifestyle has changed this very much for the better.

Rachel has previously gained a Music BA Hons Degree & loves playing the piano as well as singing. She also enjoys cooking, shopping, watching movies & spending time with her friends and family.



Chiropractic Assistant (CA)

Wenda is one of our Chiropractic Assistant's, so if you come to the Centre towards the end of the week it is likely you will see her on reception. Wenda has worked here as a chiropractic assistant for 4 years. Wenda will make you feel welcome when you first arrive at the Centre & help to answer any questions you may have.

On top of this, Wenda is also a registered Homeopath who finds pleasure in helping as many people as possible get well naturally. When she's not on reception here, she is available for booking Homeopathic sessions and she will be more than happy to tell you a bit more about it and what she does!

Wenda lives around the Hythe area with her husband and daughter.



Chiropractic Assistant (CA)

Tina is a valuable member of the team and is a chiropractic assistant here! Before joining us, Tina was a registered patient of the clinic for a number of years. As she receives regular chiropractic care herself, she was already an advocate for chiropractic before even working for us! She has seen great changes in her life through receiving chiropractic care and will be happy to share her chiropractic story with you. She is more than likely to be one of the first welcoming faces that you'll meet on arriving at the Centre.


In her spare time, Tina loves spa days, cooking, outdoor activities & healthy living. She is happily married and lives in Ashford with her husband and two teenage children.



Chiropractic Assistant (CA)

Jade is the most recent member of the team to join us and is another smiling face that will greet you as you come into the Centre on front desk. Jade was introduced to chiropractic and to working with is through a close friend who is a regular patient here. She is also a keen learner and is picking up the role very quickly! Jade has always been interested in health and the well-being of others and awaits the opportunity to assist everyone who comes into the Centre.

In her spare time, Jade is a voluntary worker and her hobbies include flower arranging for friends weddings and playing the guitar... She is also a keen animal lover!