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Health and Wellness


Massage Wellness

Properly cared for, some experts believe the human body could last up to 120 years. Massage, as part of a complimentary therapy, can help make you stay active and enjoy life.

Your posture is one of the first things others notice. Do you stand erect and walk with confidence and power? Or do you slump, lean or appear weak and frail? 

Exposed to the elements the Golden gate Bridge is a full time job. When painting crews finish at one end, they immediately start over at the other. Staying well requires constant attention too.

Many athletes regularly receive Massage, during exercise waste products such as lactic acid and carbolic acids and urea are released into the muscles, it is the accumulation of these wastes that can cause stiffness and pain. Even if you’re not an athlete, a properly functioning nervous system is essential if you want to be and do your best.


Continuing With Massage

 Many people recognise the benefit of regular massage treatments. For some this might mean once every now and again, for others this may mean weekly or once per month


Health & Wellness

Contrary to popular misconception good health is not the result of good luck and neither is bad health the result of back luck. We have been misled by the assumption that our state of health/sickness is controlled by our genes and that we are powerless to influence it. This simply isn’t true. The health of every living thing (plant or animal) is dependent on the environment in which it finds itself. We have no problem understanding this when we think of other living things yet we can’t seem to apply this thinking to ourselves. No gardener would ever water their prize roses with milky/sugary coffee yet they happily drink it themselves. Similarly, if the fish in the Thames became sick we would immediately think to clean up the water rather than run half marathons to raise money to build “Fish Hospitals” or stand on a bridge and throw medications into the river!

With plants and animals we understand these concepts, yet we seem to think that nature’s laws no longer apply to us. Our lifestyle creates our environment and we have control over that.

Canadian researcher James Chestnut has combined research from various fields of knowledge to develop a clear picture of health and has summed it up succinctly with the phrase “Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well”.

From physiologists we learn that the body responds to positive stimuli in its environment by exhibiting health and balance (growth and repair). Similarly, the body responds to negative stimuli in its environment by exhibiting alarm and adaptation (stress and breakdown).

From anthropologists and archaeologists we see that our hunter/gatherer ancestors lived healthy disease free lives well beyond 100 years old and that our failure to achieve this since the agricultural revolution thousands of years ago stems from the fact that our lifestyle has changed in this short time much faster than our physiology has had time to adapt.

Our current lifestyles now place us under constant stress because we are deficient in many of the nutrients, activities and emotions which are necessary for proper health but also because we are exposed to many substances, situations and thoughts which are therefore toxic to us. In short - too much bad stuff and not enough good stuff. Our bodies are therefore in a constant state of alarm - this leads to fatigue and eventually breakdown.

Fortunately, it is perfectly possible to improve health by improving lifestyle as many people are now discovering through a quiet revolution which is taking place called wellness. Wellness is the active process of filling our lives with more of what is good for us and avoiding that which harms us. In simple terms it means much greater physical activity (everyday not just three times per week), consuming fresh whole foods in their natural state (not processed) and developing a state of mind which supports and nurtures us. These things all came naturally to our hunter/gatherers because it was their environment.

Health is not merely the absence of disease but rather it is when every part of the body is working at its full potential. Health is about vitality & abundant energy. It is about sound sleep, positive mindset and robust immunity. Health and sickness exist at opposite ends of the spectrum and therefore they cannot exist together - you are either healthy or sick or somewhere in between, but you cannot be both at once. It therefore stands to reason that if you work to achieve health and maintain it then you will not become sick.

With this in mind and the knowledge that health is achieved through healthy lifestyle the future health of the nation can be fulfilled by creating a health care system which provides education and example and by restructuring the established sickness care system and its palliative approach.